*MEGA* Morning Caffeine 4-30-2012

You absolutely need to read the Steve Waldman post – but there are lots of good links interfluidity » Great Britain as a case study: which sticky price? Twitter / @TheStalwart: Ah, it’s Golden Week in Ja … Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: Three arguments for NGDP targeting Looks like it’s fuck this shit o’clock. | WorkplaceRead More

Morning Caffeine 4-26-2012

More Evidence That Austerity During Depressions Works « azizonomics –Chicago Tribune says: Supreme Court, Congress, White House and Military projected to run out of money. « #Monetary Sovereignty – Mitchell Economist’s View: "Let’s Beef up Social Security Benefits" Using U.S. Dollars, Zimbabwe Finds a Problem – No Change – NYTimes.com ht wh10 Is Stanford TooRead More