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Breakfast Links: 2-17-2012



Expert in business development, product development, and direct marketing. Developed strategic sales plans, product innovations, and business plans for multiple companies. Conceived the patent pending Spot Equivalent Futures (SEF) mechanism, which allows true replication of spot and swap like products in the futures space.

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  1. beowulf says

    “In huge areas of the south, government benefits account for over 30% of all the income in the county.”

    And that percentage is actually low because a third of families who are eligible for food stamps (and other means-tested programs) aren’t even enrolled. That’s one argument for shifting towards a negative income tax, your tax return is also your enrollment form.

  2. Cullen Roche says

    MMR. We fight diseases AND monetary ignorance! Take that world!

    • Cullen Roche says


      • Dunce Cap Aficionado says

        Already liking this comment style more, the grey areas around the replies remind me of TPC.

  3. Dunce Cap Aficionado says

    I’m cracking up at the Kamp Kumbya sign….

    On a related note, what are seashell futures trading at?