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Breakfast Links 2-24-2012

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7 Responses

  1. phil says

    Re: Zerohedge. The thing I find most bizarre about these types of people is the way that they can continuously repeating things which arequite clearly factually incorrect. Why do they absolutely insist on repeating the nonsense that central banks are ‘printing’ money? Central banks have not increased their printing of money so why say it if it’s just wrong?

  2. phil says

    Isn’t the Right To Build Death Stars enshrined in the constitution?

    • Michael Sankowski says

      You’re right – It’s a logical extension of the second amendment well within the meanings of the founders. There may be some minor problems as this case the Arms would technically be bearing you across the galaxy.

  3. vimothy says

    For those keeping score, MN macro type and monetary economist Steve Williamson has just blogged about MMT:

    • wh10 says

      Rowe’s response was very kind.

  4. Dunce Cap Aficionado says

    Hopefully the Government will release the tech and IP rights for Death Stars so the private sector can develop smaller more cost effective Death Stars, so I can drive to work everyday in a fire enginge red Death Star.

  5. ttbeowulf says

    The interesting part is that memo that made look Orszag look like a tool was leaked by Orszag. Wait maybe the memo was neutral
    and the story made him look like a tool, I forget.