Businesses Hire when they are Swamped with Demand, Part …

Here are companies who are hiring. From CNNMoney:

“Yes, we are hiring. In fact, aggressively hiring, as our hiring is not dependent on the economy — it’s dependent on our business growth. To slow down or stop hiring, I’d need to see indicators that our revenue growth will slow down. These indicators don’t come from macro economic effects, like a fiscal cliff, which is more political posturing than a real economic concern. They come from our clients and consumers.

Well said, Mr. Szaky

Our business is enjoying great growth, which is putting us in a position that we must hire regardless of the looming fiscal cliff. If we don’t, our business will slow down because of missed opportunities.

“As a premium positioned brand, our biggest fear is a hit to consumer spending power due to more money flowing to the government. This country is so dependent on consumer spending to fuel the economy that any increase in government revenue brings risk of economic slowdown.”

Can I say you do not support an expiration of the payroll tax holiday, Mr. Ryan?

“Yes, we are hiring. We never stopped, the criteria just gets longer and longer. Arrangements with employees and consultants become more creative: Each role has something ‘extra’ added, each hire offers something unique to advance the business, and each one has to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances. Everyone is expected to wear multiple hats, hustle, and learn new skills.”

Great points, Ms. Hill

“We have filled two open positions this year and don’t plan additional hiring in the immediate future. Since a portion of our funding comes from the federal government, we are being very cautious with spending. It is difficult to project with any certainty what will happen as it relates to the fiscal cliff and other issues.

“Reductions in federal spending may very well impact SCORE, so this is an interesting, challenging, and somewhat frustrating time. Like many others in business, whether you rely on federal funds as a contractor or grantee or not, we are waiting to see the details of the ‘grand deal’ that will need to be negotiated and agreed to by the administration and Congress. Until then, and until we can understand the impact of that ‘deal,’ we will put some of our plans on hold.”

Hmm. So Government spending can create jobs, at least at your company, Mr. Yancy?

Most smart business owners only hire when they are forced to hire by the amount of business coming through the door.



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Fed Up
4 years 6 months ago

“Can I say you do not support an expiration of the payroll tax holiday, Mr. Ryan?”

I support its expiration. First, it was supporting wages with private debt. Now it is supporting wages with gov’t debt. Stop supporting wages. If wages need to be higher, then do something directly to make them higher.

Fed Up
4 years 6 months ago

For JKH or anyone else and a little off-topic.

Volcker Spots a Problem

Bank Deposits Surge $2 Trillion More Than Loans: Credit Markets


4 years 6 months ago

The 2nd link (2 trillion more in deposits than loans) — we should call this the “Dave Ramsey” economy, as the private sector deleverages. 😀