Cullen’s New Book

He’s been a bit modest about it, but Cullen has written a book which looks dang interesting: Pragmatic Capitalism: What Every Investor Needs to Know About Money and Finance I don’t have my copy yet, so I can’t do a full review. Cullen has run an investment advisory for the last several years, and this […]

China Asks: How much will it cost us to make Solar Cheaper than Coal?

Do you remember when Dr. Evil was going to hold the world ransom for $1,000,000? This is what we are facing today in Solar – the Dr. Evil ultimatum. The cost to get Solar to coal parity is going to be laughably tiny. The cost sounds like a lot of money to old people, or […]

Hey Guys! Let’s Reinvent The Wheel! VA edition

GOP leaders, whistle-blower join in calls to privatize veterans’ care The idea of privatization has gained steam since allegations of a wait-list at a VA facility in Phoenix were exposed last month, but the concept has been posed for years by conservative lawmakers, including Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in 2008 and GOP presidential nominee Mitt […]

Why are You Freaking Out Over Inflation When We Don’t have Inflation? Part II

Months ago, I (really Steve Waldman of Interfluidity) proposed a possible reason people were freaking out over inflation: The returns to cash after accounting for BOTH short term interest rates and inflation were negative for the first time in 30 years.  We were seeing actual debasement for holders of cash. However, there is another reason […]

Startups, Matt Busigin’s Unemployment, and the Low Rate Environment

Yesterday, I examined a possible reason why we are seeing fewer startups is because the return to capital is higher than growth.  Matt Busigin writes an astonishing post that examines this idea with far more rigor and  says: “This necessarily implies that, if the risk-adjusted expected return is not highest in net new investment, the business manager […]