Hacking Economics: Wired Magazine

Welcome Wired Magazine Readers!

Monetary Realism made Wired Magazines #101Signals list. MR hacks root level economics – we get into the geekiest details about how money is created, structured, used, flows, and must flow in the real world economy. Then we take those details and make them work for the economy, and not against it.

Our most famous hack is the Trillion Dollar Coin – which exploded heads all over the internet (and reportedly, in the White House as well.)

If you want to dig in to MR right away, Cullen Roche’s paper is meaty goodness on Monetary Realism.

A significant amount of the real action happens in the comments section at MR. We are lucky enough to have a great community of people who contribute and refine ideas in the comments.

Again, Welcome!


  1. We should just cut the BS and change the name to the Carlos Mucha blog. :-)