Information Transfer Economics

You may have already seen this blog, but it is new to me.

It is called Information Transfer Economics and it is run by Jason Smith. It’s possible that he is uniquely suited to bringing a very new and useful way of looking at economics (and markets) to life – he’s a math guy who’s work was related in connecting theory to experimental evidence, started looking at being a finance quant, then stumbled across a paper which was about “information transfer”.

Applying this idea to economics data seems to have been fruitful so far. It’s a completely different way of looking at economic data and models than what we might call traditional economics, and even removed from post-Keynesian econ.

Anyway, it’s a interesting blog and has some great ideas. One thing I will say – my guess is that this approach will become part of the mainstream over the next 20 years, and then eat it’s lunch.




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Jason Smith

Thanks for the shout out Mike!