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Breakfast Links 3-9-2012

A possum breaks into a bakery and eats so many treats he can't move

China Inflation May Provide Room for Stimulus: Economy – Bloomberg Hyperinflation is just around the corner. More seriously: 1. I don’t trust China’s govt as much as I trust the U.S. govt, so this number is probably wildly underestimated. But it’s still probably not more than 10% YoY. 2. It does open up the room… Read More

Saturday Brunch Links: 2-18-2012

Happy Birthday, Chance!  Today is my son’s 8th birthday. Ex-Goldman Programmer Aleynikov’s Conviction for Stealing Code Reversed – Bloomberg This is big Chicago news because he had a meeting with Citadel. I think he got arrested when he got off the plane in NYC. Congress Extends Payroll Tax Cut to 2013 – Bloomberg Good news… Read More