Saving, Stock/Flow Consistency, and Kalecki

By JKH Here are some of the equations and interpretations that flow from the basic national income accounting identity. C + I + G + (X – M) = C + S + T                     (1) This is the national income accounting identity.   (S – I) = (G –T) + (X – M)                  […]

Did Delong/Summers riff off Fullwiler 2006?

To me, it sure looks like Summers/Delong just riffed off Scott Fullwiler‘s 2006 piece. Here is a key paragraph from Scott F’s incredible piece “Interest Rates and Fiscal Sustainablility”:                     It is entirely possible I may have read that paper by Scott more carefully and more […]

Morning Caffeine 3-26-2012

Tacocopter: One-click Taco Delivery in the SF Bay Area TacoCopter! You take a taco, then add a robot, then make the robot fly to you and deliver the taco to you while you are hungry! TacoCopter – Tacos Delivered Straight to Your Home With GPS Guided Quadcopters | Singularity Hub I’ll be ordering from TacoCopter […]

Morning Caffeine 3-23-2012

FRED Joe’s good.  Goldman On New Paper From Delong And Summers Goldman seems to have almost fully embraced PK in their analysis.  tags: PostKeynesianism Goldman IBM’s Watson to Help Memorial Sloan-Kettering With Cancer – Bloomberg I think everybody is underestimating Watson Dallas Fed Calls For Breakup Of Big Banks Just JoeP: Sleeping Sperm (Whales) Social Democracy […]

Morning Caffeine 3-22-2012

Austerity or Stimulus? What We Need Is Growth – Bloomberg Cochran almost seems insane in this post. Saving Versus Saving Net Of Investment Asymptosis » Thinking About the Fed Bloomberg Nymex WTI Cushing Crude Oil First Month 321 Crack Spread Analysis – CRK321M1 – Bloomberg Analysis: Turning point in the currency war | Reuters I […]