Estimating the Natural Rate of Interest

This is part of the research I did a while back on the natural rate of interest. One of the more interesting facts I uncovered in this research is it’s extremely difficult to know what the NRoI was even in the past. You’d think the most important interest rate in the economy – the interest […]

NGDP Futures Still Don’t Work

I’d seen this a few months back but Scott Sumner is still flogging the dead horse of NGDP futures. He published a longer paper on NGDP futures with the Mercatus center back in July of this year.  NGDP futures will not work. They have an incoherent structure as proposed by Scott Sumner. Every single possible […]

The Empire Strikes Back…

Michelle Malkin mentions the coin on twitter. It’s pretty clear the right has heard of the platinum coin – she links to an article with a string of tweets concerning the coin. Update 9:23am : The New York Sun has an anti-coin editorial up and running – and it’s right at the top of the […]

Trillion Dollar Coin Explodes: Krugman, Congress is talking about it

Krugman talks long and loud on the Coin: “First, as a legal matter the Federal government can’t just print money to pay its bills, with one peculiar exception. Instead, money has to be created by the Federal Reserve, which then puts it into circulation by buying Federal debt. You may say that this is an […]

Goldman’s Hatzius: “Peterson-ism” Can’t Win

Joe Weisenthal posted an incredible interview with Jan Hatzius yesterday. Hatzius is known for schooling fools on the economy, but he’s better known as Goldman’s economist. And Joe is…always working 10x as fast (and better) than everyone else in the world. Also today, David Weigel wrote about the 20 years of failures of the Peterson Institute. […]