Goldman’s Hatzius: “Peterson-ism” Can’t Win

Joe Weisenthal posted an incredible interview with Jan Hatzius yesterday. Hatzius is known for schooling fools on the economy, but he’s better known as Goldman’s economist. And Joe is…always working 10x as fast (and better) than everyone else in the world. Also today, David Weigel wrote about the 20 years of failures of the Peterson Institute. […]

David Beckworth and Obama’s need for a “FDR Moment”

“No one doubts Congress’s power to create a vast and varied federal bureaucracy. But where, in all this, is the role for oversight by an elected President? The Constitution requires that a President chosen by the entire Nation oversee the execution of the laws.” Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Co. Accounting Oversight Bd., 130 S.Ct. […]

Is Karl Smith Advocating a Job Guarantee?

I found this comment from Karl Smith at Modeled Behavior pretty interesting: “This is very out of the box, but imagine a standing Civilian Corp that works like this. At any time anyone can sign up for 6 months of work at the Civilian Corp. You will be paid 70% of your previous average salary […]

Depression is a Choice because Low Inflation is the Wrong Goal Part I

Steve Waldman knocks it out of the park again with his new piece called “Depression is a Choice“. He’s like Babe Ruth without the strikeouts. Here is something from my never finished piece on the Natural Rate of Interest, which directly relates to choosing depression. I think the Natural Rate of Interest is flawed for […]

Morning Caffeine 4-18-2012

Romney’s Lead Economist Urges Policies that will Cause the Next Financial Crisis | The Big Picture Good article from Bill Black. When I read Mankiw, it seems I end up less informed. Same with Cowen. Regulators to Ease a Rule on Derivatives Dealers – 5 Countries That Do It Better: How Sexual Prudery Makes […]