The “Politics” of MMR

Winterspeak thinks we’re all politics.  And so do most other MMTers.  They’ve described us as “supply siders”, “neoliberals” and a “pro-bank political take on MMT”.  This is all very strange coming from people who have built an entire theory around a set of policy proposals.  The main reason why we started MMR was because we […]

Washington Post dives deep into MMT

I’d say its a must-read but I haven’t read it yet.   I’ll read it and comment mañana… I am looking forward to the part where Jamie Galbraith sits down and plays the piano.*  (h/t FD015). Modern Monetary Theory, an unconventional take on economic strategy By Dylan Matthews, Published: February 18 About 11 years ago, Jamie Galbraith […]

Why the TC Rule (and Nearly All Fiscal Rules) are Less Political than Monetary Policy

Hey, we’re making some progress over here at MR. Steve Waldman had a great post up a few days ago about fiscal rules. Down in the comments about the TC rule, I got some intelligent push back from people about how this blog was supposed to be less political and more descriptive. People were rightly […]