The Empire Strikes Back…

Michelle Malkin mentions the coin on twitter. It’s pretty clear the right has heard of the platinum coin – she links to an article with a string of tweets concerning the coin.

Update 9:23am : The New York Sun has an anti-coin editorial up and running – and it’s right at the top of the online version of the Sun. Glad to see we are above Larry Kudlow. 


  1. The jury’s still out on unicorns, but I’m pretty sure there’s a scientific, non-magical explanation for rainbows.

  2. beowulf, I hope you are ready for the fame and won’t let it go to your head. We love you just the way you are. :)

  3. Matt Franko says:


    CNBC’s Griffith reporting on it now (3:50 pm est) rsp,

    • Did you happen to get a video of it somehow? I missed it.

      • Matt Franko says:

        Mike I had to walk away and missed it on the XM but I believe it probably came up in the 3:50-4:00 pm segment today which they usually put up at the CNBC website with a 30 min or so delay… rsp

  4. Joe Franzone says:

    This is getting exciting. Could we see an actual and honest discussion of our monetary system in the mainstream?

    BTW, FOX has apparently debunked the TDC. Love the constitutional crisis she claims would arise because Congress doesn’t have the power to create money!?

    • This is a great discussion, and getting the idea out there the government has this ability is very important. We’ve constrained our government for a long time.

      Overall, it’s worked out ok, but the end result is a huge asset bubble burst and massive demand shortfall. I would like to avoid imitating Japan’s no-growth economy. One way to do this is to have the appropriate level of deficit spending, combined with a fed which knows how to stay out of the way.

    • This is comical. Article 1, Section 8 explicitly gives congress the power to coin money.

      It’s a matter of using this power in a legally proscribed manner. Under today’s law, this means a platinum coin.