Understanding the Modern Monetary System

To obtain  a better understanding of Monetary Realism we recommend the following reading (some of which is quite advanced):

1.  Understanding The Modern Monetary System

2.  The “Dismal Science” and Getting Back to Da Vinci’s Methodology

3.  Economics as Engineering

4.  Understanding Inside & Outside Money

5.  Understanding Moneyness

6.  Credit IS Money

7.  The Disaggregation of Credit

8.  Where Does Cash Come From?  

9.  The Human Body, The Economy & The System of Flows

10.  Understanding the Fed’s Primary Purpose

11  JKH on Saving, Investment and S=I+(S-I)

12. The Treasury and Central Bank: A Contingent Institutional Approach

13.  Saving, stock/flow consistency and Kalecki

14.  Banking in the Abstract

15.  Some Simple Banking Examples

16.  What Makes Monetary Realism Unique?