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Where is the Zerohedge Rant on the Trillion Dollar Coin?

People are talking about the Trillion Dollar Coin:

John points out even serious analysts are talking about it. And yes – a gigantic, novelty sized coin is what I picture too. With all of this chatter, others must be talking about it.

All of this talk cannot be completely logical and coherent.

What is needed at this point is some serious ranting about the Coin. So – who in the internets is the biggest and best ranter on all matters economic?

Of course, Zerohedge.

Where is the zerohedge rant about how the Trillion Dollar Coin is fulfilling their prophecy? Where is the extended post by some Austrian how the TDC signals the end of the world, which can only end in a blaze of 10^23% hyperinflation and those gold bugs finally getting their due?

All I could find is this story about a large denomination bill. That’s not good enough, ZH. You’d figure a TDC post would practically write itself for zerohedge.

Also: Paging Peter Schiff.




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2 Responses

  1. Erik V says
  2. beowulf says

    David Frum had two great comment on Twitter.

    “davidfrum Art on trillion dollar coin could show triumphant President Obama crushing his kneeling enemies “
    “davidfrum The trillion dollar coin solution to the debt ceiling feels to me like the last scene of a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta.”

    That last one, to quote Andy Samberg, I don’t know what that means, but I bet it effin burns. :o)