With Nothing Else Working, Gingrich Plays the Reality Card

The 2012 Republican presidential [candidate] was asked by NBC’s David Gregory on “Meet The Press” whether his hopes for a U.S. colony on the moon fly in the face of the GOP’s fiscal responsibility mantra. Gingrich responded with some choice words about austerity itself before defending his lunar ambitions.

“First of all, David, I don’t think you’ll ever find me talking about an age of austerity. I don’t think that’s the right solution,” Gingrich said. “I am a pro-growth Republican. I’m a pro-growth conservative. I think the answer is to grow the economy, not to punish the American people with austerity.” {emphasis added}
Gingrich: Austerity Is Wrong For America, We Need Pro-Growth Policies Instead

This is an excellent follow-up piece by TPM to the one where they declared Gingrich a… well, you’ll see.
Newt Gingrich, Space Keynesian


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