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4 Comments on "You gotta drive like someone…"

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Cullen Roche

OKay, I just looked it up. This is bull shit. I drive like a grandma. Apparently, the bumper stickers refer to people who drive fast like the vampires in the movie. That’s obviously bull shit though because I don’t drive fast and vampires are fake so do the math there. Feel free to ignore these bumper stickers. Anyone using them is a liar and intentionally trying to mislead you about our “reality” and good MRists would never condone such a thing.

You’re welcome.


Sounds like Cullen is lining up with the werewolves instead of the vampires, interesting.
Ha, all I know about such things is from what I’ve gleaned from Rifftrax (their running commentary makes many a bad movie tolerable).

Cullen Roche

I’ve seen this in San Diego also. I don’t know what it means and I don’t know if I like it.